Patients Stories

Yes I made it. This is my Story!

We made it with a Baby Girl

I am a 35 year old lady who came to the hospital for my antenatal care whilst I was pregnant. Sadly I had had a number of previous miscarriages and complicated pregnancies and had not been able to deliver a healthy baby. In the antenatal clinic I was found to have several medical problems including cervical incompetence, high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. I was treated and monitored carefully by Dr. Frimpong, the specialist obstetrician, and was admitted to the hospital on several occasions for treatment. After 9 months of pregnancy, I successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl. After the delivery, I continued to attend the clinic for monitoring and treatment and I remained healthy and well. My husband and I are delighted with our baby daughter and grateful for the care we received at the hospital.

We did it together

I am a 38 year old lady who was not able to get pregnant for many years. I was desperate to have a baby and attended Dr. Frimpong’s fertility clinic for advice. Clinical evaluation of myself and my husband revealed that both of us had subfertility. We were managed medically and our success story is that this is our first baby. I was followed up in ANC until I delivered a bouncy baby boy of 4kg by an elective Cesarean section. Our lovely baby is currently doing well.

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