Your Healthcare
is our primary Service

  • Outpatient Services – 24 hour General and Specialist Medical Services, with fast-track service for corporate clients.
  • In-patient Services – Fully equipped maternity unit, female & male wards, children’s ward, and special wards (single occupancy with en-suite bathroom, TV and fridge facilities).
  • Surgical Services – Two first class operating theatres with highly trained theatre staff. Gynaecological and general operations (hernia repairs, circumcisions, appendectomies etc) available.
  • Comprehensive Laboratory Services – Blood tests inc. haematology, biochemistry, hormone profiles, Hb electrophoresis, microbiology and screening tests for Sickle cell, Malaria, Typhoid, HIV, Hepatitis B, syphilis and more.
  • X-ray Services – Brand new state of the art X-ray facilities
  • Specialist Clinic Services – Infertility Clinic, Ante-natal Clinic, Post-natal Clinic, Hypertension & Diabetes Clinic, Eye Clinic
  • Fully Stocked Pharmacy Services – with expert pharmacist advice
  • Ultrasound Services – twice weekly ultrasound service by specialist radiologist
  • Nursing Clinical Services – Expert wound dressing, suturing, injections
  • Community Health Clinic – weekly vaccinations for mothers and babies
  • Child Health Clinic – Monthly child weighing, childcare advice, vaccinations etc.
  • Blood bank Services – State of the art blood bank and blood donation facility
  • Family Planning Services – Contraception counselling, implant and loop insertions, IPAS services
  • Laboratory services/Investigation are available
  • Specialist Consultants: Dr. Frank Frimpong, Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist; Dr. Duveken Voors, UK trained General Practitioner

Other Services

It is fully air-conditioned 50-seater capacity which is used to hold general meetings and other conferences. It has an overhead projector and screen, as well as Public Address system with cordless microphones. It is available for rent to the public.

It is manned by a Doctor Optometrist and a Senior Ophthalmic nurse. General eye screening, refraction (objective and subjective), diagnosis of anterior and posterior segment diseases and case referrals. We have ophthalmoscope, trial lens set and slit lamp with tonometer. We also prescribe and sell all sorts of lenses and spectacles.

The hospital has acquired a fully equipped ambulance which is available 24hrs a day. It is always available for clients and for rent purposes.

The hospital has established an audiometry centre with an ultra-modern Interacoustic AD629 Diagnostic Audiometer.

We now undertake a number of screening as well as diagnostic hearing assessments which include individuals, corporate bodies, expecially Mining Companies, schools etc. Neonatal and infant screening test hearing problem can also be assessed in our audiometry hearing center.

Laboratory services, investigations available:

  • Fertility and hormonal test – LH Estadol, Progesterone, prolactin. TFT FSH, Semen analysis, OEstrogen, testosterone, TOTAL BhcG.
  • Tumor / cancer markers – PSA, Ovarion Cancer (CA125), TOTAL BhCG (Blood quantitative)
  • Biochemistry – Liver Function Tests ( LFTS), BUN, Creatinine, Electrolytes, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Function Tests, PSA for prostate screening, etc.
  • Haematology – FBC, Hb, Electrophorosis for Sickle cell, (Direct Anti Human globin, (DAT)), G6PD, Malaria (RDT and Microscopy), Clotting Profile- clotting time, bleeding time, prothrombin time (PT), Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT).
  • Microbiology – Virginal swab RE, Occult Blood test, Widal test, Cholera Ag 01/0139
  • Infectious Disease – VDRL for Syphilis , HIV Screening, Hepatitis B Screening, Hepatitis B Profile, Hepatitis C

Our equipments are state of the art

1. Hormonal Analyzers
2. Chemistry Analyzers
3. Haematology Analyzer
4. Electrolyte Analyzer


1. Fertility and hormones test
2. Tumor / Cancer Markers
3. Biochemistry Test
4. Haematology
5. Microbiology Test

We have a very spacious car park for our clients so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your cars.

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